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The following is a description of the car's major components:

Body- British racing green, cracking and oxidized. Bodywork exits. It has rust, but very little and in these locations: The front right corner of the hood, the forward end of both the left and right rocker panels(bubbles), and the top right quarter panel adjacent to the trunk. There is NO rust about any of the window seals and the sills. The grille is not the original, but bumpers are the small thin ones and are clean. New gas filler boot. New Gas Tank Installed by previous owner. The car is kept under a Technolon car cover.

Interior- Was redone by previous owner with a fresh carpet kit, all black. The dash is original with cracks in the wood veneer, and the top has been padded and redone. All gauges and instruments work. Radio installed, but not working. Replaced all three of the transmission boot seals: Trans neck to shift lever, Body to trans neck, Body to shift lever. The seats are GT sprint low back buckets that are in really good condition with no tears. Back seats have been redone as well and are nice. Headliner is original with a few slits only.


Brakes- Four wheel disc, single booster, working well.

Suspension- Sport springs, 1990 spider components. Stiff, corners flat.

Trans- 5 speed. Synchros per usual Alfa, 2nd and 3rd need a tender touch.

Rear End- Fine.

Exhaust- New exhaust installed by previous owner from the 2 to 1 flange back to the tip. Brand unknown, but makes nice note.

Engine: 1750, with dual Weber 40 DCOE's. Installed TWM 2" air horns and a domed ITG air filter with a custom aluminum back plate to fit the air horns. Fresh head by Santo. Welded corroded pock marks and decked, valves reseated, guides in spec. New timing chain adjuster as well. Still have all the original air filter and plenum pieces. Replaced all metric coolant nipples with English equivalent, including the intake manifold bleed valve. I'm assuming the #4 rod bearing is spun, that's were the sound is coming from.

Asking 2300 OBO

Car is in Granada Hills. Please call if seriously interested.


Home: 818-368-9904 eves and weekends
Work: 818-586-3386 Daytime
email for more photos


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