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1969 1967 spider duetto soft top $150

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wanted to guage interested on this before i dug it out of attic

bought it about 9 to 10 years ago from alfa ricombi and had it on my car less than a month before i had the bright idea to take it off and rework and paint
the metal top frame assembly

wound up buying a whole new assembly with top allready on it

when i bought it i paid over $500 and it was a top of the line "stayfast" cloth top..believe it's padded

if interested it would be $150 plus shipping...would rather not ship though
so if someone in southern ca wants it..that would be better

obviously located in southern ca

will post pics once i gauge interest (cause it burried in my attic and it's too hot to go up there now)
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some pics...has been in a box for several years


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how is the back plastic window? it looks ok in the pictures but is it scratched and or yellowed from sitting up in the attic?
sale pending..but will post pics of window next couple of days, just in case

window not yellowed or cracked..has a crease in it from being folded, but top shop told me when heats up (sun) and is mounted on frame, will come out
if they bag out...i am interested. regards, Paul
sale still pending, but thought i'd post these in case it falls through

have had the top out a few days and notice very slight crease possible small crack in two places were it was folded in the clear window....don't think their all the way through, more like a line...but wanted description to be accurate...probably hard to see in these pics, but they are small

excuse the paint on my finger....wife put me to work



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I would be interested also, but it appears that several others are in front of me. If everything folds, which I would assume it doesn't, give me a PM. I would be interested.
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