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Hello all, as you can see in the pictures below my GTV sits approximately 9 to 9 1/4 in. off the ground from the bottom of the jacking points on each corner of the car. The car is sitting on turbinas with 185/70R14 BF Goodrich Momenta S/E tires. I believe something is off (maybe aftermarket springs, tire/wheel combo, etc..) and causing the car to sit too high? If anyone with experience on 105 suspension can chime in and possibly give measurements of a stock car's height, that would be greatly appreciated. This will help me decide on the proper size spring to run on the car for the optimal ride height. Thanks, Joe.

I've also posted this in the GT section of the forum, but decided to post it here to hopefully get responses from a bigger crowd. (If this is considered spam I am happy to remove the post)


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