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1967 Duetto; clicking noise from differential

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Hello All,
I have a 1967 Duetto that I restored about three years ago. There is a clicking noise from near the differential. I have put the car up on jacks and tried to locate the noise but it disappears when the rear end is off the ground. The frequency of the noise seems to correspond to the rotaion of the driveshaft. The noise continues even when the engine is turned off and the car simply is rollong in nuetral. Any ideas ? Here's some pictures. Lots of fun to drive.

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Sure is dirty underthere.
I had a little click on my Duetto that ended up to be at the Donut where the shaft mates up to the tranny. It took me a while to figure out where it was coming from. I ended up pulling the D shaft at the Donut and putting a dab of grease at the end of the shaft and It was cured. Otherwise U joints and possibly the grease fitting in the spline joint at the center of the shaft.

Beautiful Car. Very nicely done !
Check the donut end first. You have to take the D shaft loose to put grease
on the end.
Good luck!
Likely to be the U-joint. If the sound is like a hammer to metal = U-joint. If the sound is like a rubber hammer to metal = Prop shaft bearing. Nice Duetto BTW.

Cordially Wille R.
Dust shield

Another common noise source is the dust shield in front of the pinion seal. It is kept from rotating by twanging it with a punch and hammer. Look in the factory repair manual at the picture. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it tight enough so it doesn't make noise.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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