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David sadly passed away a few years ago and was due to repaint this Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider Duetto. Being a passionate engineer, he did an amazing engine rebuild and mechanical restoration. After the restoration, himself and his daughter, Nikola, travelled twice to the 24 Hour Le Mans and attended many Alfa Romeo shows. She wants to see what her father started finished off as it truly deserves more memories to be made. To view the full listing please respond to this thread. I hope to bring you more exciting examples of Alfa romeos in the future.

We have confirmation that this is a complete car and all chrome work and other parts come with the sale of the car.

We have provided a fantastic service to Nikola, hundreds of photos and videos in which you can meet her and review every angle of the car.

360_2.jpg Beauty-14.jpg Beauty-16.jpg Beauty-20.jpg

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