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1966 Guilia GT - Driver Seat Question

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I am installing the interior to the subject GT. I did not remove or restore any of the interior pieces. I have a problem with the driver side seat rail bolt hole spacing. The front left and right side rail bolt holes are approx. 15-1/2" apart, the same is true for the rear bolt holes. The floor pans for the front bolt holes accommodate the 15-1/2" spacing but the rear floor board bolt holes are approx 17-1/2." Am I missing some sort of bracket? Or did the restorer eliminate a floor pan bolt hole if they had to replace the pans. Any thoughts?
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I just went and measured mine and 15.5 it is front and back..did the previous owner change floor pans ?
....did the previous owner change floor pans ?
... and use some sort of aftermarket seats with 15-1/2" spacing at the front, and 17-1/2" at the rear?
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