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Howdy folks! I decided that my original 1965 1600 needed a hole in the side of the engine, so I did that. Well, that was a bad idea -- now I need a new one.

Looking for a 65 date range engine number, according to FUSI's guide that would be:

000502.11794 - 000502.22792

I'm basically looking for a block (and matching cylinder head if ya got it) within that range. It would be nice to have a serviceable crank as well, but this will go under the knife either way.

Many thanks in advance! And of course, PM me with price and location.


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Hi Dave

I have a spare 00502 block in that range, but I'm waaaay across the pond on the bottom end of the African Continent......shipping would be a real killer.....think of it as an absolutely last resort

Kuni's block is identical except it's a 00514 number and its local to you with head & crank. In your shoes, I'd grab this and keep the ventilated block under the bench for posterity


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