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For the serious buyer this car should be visited. I live in Monterey Ca. Perfect excuse for some golf!

I bought this car from a good friend who had had in since the 70's. You can see it in my introduction on this website. I should have left the car alone since it was a runner, driver. It needed a master cylinder to keep it on the road. I could not live with the wet carpets and sad interior and one thing lead to another. Many of you know how that goes. I am in a place in time that the Alfa does not fit into my car program. I run two streamliners at Bonneville and El Mirage and those have been all consuming with the support of sponsors. So the Alfa sits. If you want more of the story please contact me. I know cars and I know metal work and fabrication. I know what it would take to complete this car. I know you will want tons of photos and I will get them posted or sent to serious people. This car and parts collection should really be seen in person. It is a big job and only takes time and money. This is for a person who can do their own work or one who can afford the best.
It is a solid car. It is a good starting point to build your dream GT. Original Red car. Low vin number. Euro car at one point since gauges are in KM. It has been in California as long as my buddy can recall. Santa Clara. I could get the car started if you wanted to verify. However, it is pointless the motor should come out and be resealed and inspected for a car at this level. I drove it on to the trailer and around my block using the emergency brake. NOT willing to part out vehicle.

So the list:
Complete 64 GT. Grilles and correct Tach and tail lights.
2L engine with later trans and limited slip rear.
Stock wheels.
steel bumpers 6 bar grille.

67 gtv seats.
Factory Alfa race seats
7" magnesium GTA wheels (original and nice no cracks) x4
Magnesium Oil sump for rear from Montreal
69 Flying Buttress seats.
Spare rear glass.
Spare 2L and limited slip rear
full spare front suspension
Full exhaust pieces
GTA Grilles x 2
45 Dcoe tops
Various rubber seals
Fiberglass GTA dash
GTA airbox
Floor pans purchased from AH
GTA oil pan
Short oil pump

Floors replaced. Hammer welded in place. Cannot tell they were replaced. One final section to be completed. I am a freak. I do not like people to know pans are replaced.
Complete perfect roof section to replace Rusted window areas. Most people fear this process. This could be done for additional.
No history of major damage. Most paint removed all issues can be seen. Minor rust in usual places. Not severe but as you know any rust is the same.
Cowl vent was plugged and caused the leaks inside.
69 pedal assembly with mods for relocated MC.

This car is worthy of the work.

I will post photos because who would not want to see it.

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looks like a nice project. how much are you asking for it?

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I tend to agree with @roadsterswap, so many shiny cars around of which you don't know about their bondo and bad rust repair. This being a very early 105.02 with so many nice and also original parts. Perfect car for someone who knows how to deal with some metal repair work. And make it a period modded Giulia sprint GT.

Or just buy a shiny car with the entire Alfaholics catalogue wrenched on it ;)

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So many pretty projects showing up at the same time! I have decided to mark this as being no longer available (NLA). It will sit in a happy place waiting for the race season to end and a few other projects, and then it will be brought back to life. I will eventually post updates. And for the curious the GTA wheels and parts are not available separately. Thank you all for your interest. Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Vehicle brake Automotive design
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