For sale above captioned vehicle, it’s a well-documented car. I think we all know what we’re looking at I don’t want to put it on bring a trailer so that people who couldn’t even figure out the ignition sequence are making ridiculous comments, …. offers commensurate with the market (PLEASE). The car is available for inspection and test drive in New York 50 miles north of New York City. You can look at my garage and profile for some of the features. The engine is extremely strong, does not leak or burn oil, and all seals (Cometic) were replaced. The cooling system included rodding of the original radiator, flow check, and thermal scan. Retains original correct Webers, Modifications are as follows alfaholics billet steel lightened flywheel, GTA pressure plate (balanced and indexed). Lightened the rotating mass in the gearbox, fully synchronized first gear from an excellent (ALL) Alfa parts gearbox rebuilt over 20 years ago, and never installed. The original gearbox is unmolested. A 123 Bluetooth ignition with 60 KV coil, complete Suspension rebuild, etc. Bobcore Yellow Springs. Correct Koni shocks original Nardi with lock steering wheel … gta upper control arms…Complete Dunlop brake rebuild including master all-wheel cylinders and the original pinch brakes, All the brake rotors were replaced and included performatech front pads. as well as original Alfa rears.
Retained the original wheels and hubcaps currently shod with Alfaholics 7X15 Gta Replicas.
Approximately 1500 KM since rebuild, stored in climate control garage.
The car has never been hit. I have the original Italian plate with the history of all the owners and the earlier email documentation from Alfa Romeo Centro on the serial number of the chassis and engine series. I retained all the original parts that I’ve upgraded or replaced and will be included in the sale, if we can negotiate a price you can call or text. me at 914-494-2652 after 11 AM eastern time. Please leave a message or text me I don’t answer the phone because everybody’s trying to sell me something I don’t want. 😁 All shipping, duty charges, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer