Please let me know if the above link does not work. It seems to work.

This is just a tease. I will be putting up on BAT in a couple of weeks, but wanted expose the BB to the car first. I Know I will not get $75,000 for the car, I just wanted to get folks attention. This car is complete! INCLUDING two "Matching Numbers" complete engines. (see one of my conversations about this)

The car has been in my family since 1972.
Garaged in 1974 b/c timing chain jumped. Not started since 1974. Car moved to Washington state (Bremerton) and left outside for 20 years. One of my family members, removed the cam cover and the front timing cover......................................................................and left the car in the rain. I assumed the engine was a bust, so bought one out of a sprint in 2010 and had it shipped from England....If you look in posts/conversations under my user name you will find more information about the car and some photos of the new engine.
See link above for the dropbox folder to view the first photos I took when I got the car back from by brother in 2008............

Yes, rust in the usual places.
I was going to restore the critical items (brakes, tires, lines, seals, hoses, etc), rebuild the engine and preserve the body and the story it tells. (Preservation class)
The car was blue (over pale yellow) when I first bought it for $950.00 in 1972 , and I painted it silver. The car belonged to an Oral surgeon, who was the 2nd owner.
One photo shows what the car looked like in 1972 parked in front of my house.

I will need to find the title--my brother had it last and he cannot find it. I will start with Calif. DMV, since that is where it was last registered....

I have some other parts incl. upgraded cams from Webcam/ RJR Racing. The tool box is present, but incomplete....., the jack is there, doors close with a resounding note!
I will put up some fresh photos of the engine from England and the car sans rat ****.

I will be traveling for the next 2-3 weeks and plan to get it on BAT when I return.

Question for the crowd: Reserve?????....How Much.........No Reserve?
What do your really think it is worth??

This will also give anyone on the west coast the ability to come to my place and see it in person.......
I will not part out the car. Everything is sold together including spares, (not many), and extra, rebuildable, engine. The only thing I think was missing was the cigar/ash tray, which I now have.
One Tire is almost brand new...................ask me about that story.
Please no neg vibes.....
PS. This was the 3rd car I have owned-bought it when I was 21.....have owned 49 since. There is a bit of emotional energy in this car for me, as I got it from the guy who set my career on the path it took, God rest his soul, and his son is champing at the bit to get the car there is that element working in the background. He offered me $20,000 and I feel that is just not enough. Based on gut and some of the trends out there. I could probably sell the extra engine alone for close to that amount.