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1963 Giulia Spyder Serial Numbers

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Am selling a 63 Giulia Spyder that I bought from the person who bought it new. Have had it for about 15 years - Concerned about the originality of the engine. Chassis is AR373937. Motor is AR00112 06970. Fusi book says the car was made at the tail end of 62 but engine number puts it at about 130 units into 63. Alfa people in Italy say everything is correct but they only have the primary numbers on the motor (AR00112) and not the secondary numbers. Anyone have any ideas here? I know the Fusi book is quirky at times and the original owner, who is a close old friend swears the engine is what came with the car from the factory.......Thank you for any comments. Richard
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My '63 was built in January 1963, with chassis number 375480; this would make Fusi likely correct (with the chassis number anyway). I don't have the engine with me at this point, nor do I know if it's the original one that came with the car.
63 Giulia serial/motor number

Yes - you are correct on the chassis situation - the motor number is the one in question. Thanks for the reply - Richard
You state, “but engine number puts it at about 130 units into 63".
By what means did you come to this conclusion?

If you are assuming that the engine numbers for each model are sequential … you are wrong.
Components and complete assemblies such as engines and transmissions were not stamped with ID numbers at the time of installation into each chassis. These were preassembled and warehoused until needed both at Portello and Arese. When Guido pulled 20 engines from stock, he couldn’t care less what the block numbers were as long as they were of the correct series for the chassis type on the assembly line. On 750 models the engine number was recorded on the under-hood/bonnet plate but ALFA didn’t keep any record of this number.
1964 Giulia Spider 101.23

I have a similar problem.
My car is a 1964 Giulia Spider, chassis number AR 379654 and engine number AR 00112 – 15119. Coudn't get the confirmation of the engine number from the ARCHIVIO STORICO ALFA ROMEO, only that the series is correct.
Based on the Fusi list the engine number would probably not be correct but then the list is a bit «funny».
Attached is a summary of the Fusi information for Giulia Spiders and you will see that a total of 9.953 cars were produced corresponding to a total of 11.116 engines.
But more than that, year by year the numbers clearly don't make any sense, mainly for 1964.
So, althougu it does not agree with the numbers on the Fusi list ,I am quite sure my engine is the original.
Hope this helps



Yes - am finding out that what you are saying is true - have had a couple other replys confirming that the engine is probably the original - just can't get it down in black and white from the strange Alfa records - or lack of them. Thanks very much for your input. Richard
Good morning and thank you for your information - have found out the same information or lack of it that you have. The record keeping particularly around that time seems to be extremely general and not specific at all. I am confident that the engine in this car is the one put in at the factory - just a bit of sloppy record keeping - or more than likely sloppy engine installation procedures and lack of concern as to what engine number went into what chassis - as long as it was the correct series. Thanks very much for your input. Richard
My 1963(?) Giulia Spider (AR372591) was manufactured on September 4, 1962, according to Elvira - former caretaker of AR production history. Registered (in USA) as a 1963. Motor number is: AR0012-01102(star). Original engine (since replaced with a warmed over 1750, as I continue on my complete restoration/performance upgrading). I've owned the car since June 1966.

Jim Caldwell
In icy/snowy Coralville, Iowa
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