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1961 Sprint Veloce colour codes and interior

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Hello everyone,
I just bought a nice red 1961 Sprint Veloce. Initially the car was Gardenia white according to the Registro.
I intend to restore it to factory specs.
- Does anyone know the colour code and make of the Gardenia white shade?
- Any pics of the right interior pattern of the side panels and seats and/or colour combinations for the Gardenia white exterior colour?
- Carpet colour and pattern?
Thank you all for your help and time.



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Hello Athanasios and welcome to the BB.

You should among others contact in Italy and talk to them, they have decades of car interiors experiance with most of the vintage cars of the period and preferably Alfas. They also are your best bet (best quality products) if you in the future will need to source interior panels, carpets, seat covers, headliner etc for your car.

This is the lady to contact at, she speaks and writes fluent english: [email protected]

Thank you Dennis,
Donatella helped me for my Lancia B20.

Elvezio produces only 2 different seat and door panels patterns for the Sprints. Series 1 or 2.
Searching through the web, I've found so many variations that confused me completely. is another upholsterer. They produce complete seats and door panels and seem to have the original "sal e pepe" fabric.
According to Angelo Tito Anselmi,author of "Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1954-2004 Golden Anniversary",Bianco Gardenia AR-706 have grey-blue interior and blue carpet made of wool.The first color refers to the panels in cloth,the second to those in imitation leather.
Picture from Automobilismo d'epoca shows a Sprint seconda serie with correct door cards,seat pattern but in grey-red combination.
All the best with the resto and Καλοτάξιδη.

image url
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Thanks Billy,
Most helpful photo.
Now the serious work begins. I'm dismantling the whole car to start a nuts and bolts resto.
By the way is anyone selling a pair of seat frames or complete seats for a 101 Sprint?
Bill Gillham had a pair of 1300 Sprint seats for sale not so long ago....
(can anyone come up with Bill`s BB name?), hulligan something.....

As this forum´s search function is a total flop, I´m attaching a whole link where you´ll find Bill Gillham, his BB name is HooliganSuper, so send him a query via PM, he still might have the seats left.....

Hi Dennis,
If this is true you've made my day. I already contacted Bill and waiting for his answer.
Thank you!
Blue & white interior

The colour code for Gardenia White is AR 706

It's also known as Biancospino (bone white) or Hawthorne White. It's a slightly off-white with just a touch of yellow in it as opposed to the Farina White on the Spiders which was a very clean white.

Here are some pictures of the blue & white original interior on a late '58 Series II Interim Sprint Veloce - during '58 Alfa experimented with vinyl / vinyl combinations so for this car the blue & white vinyl is correct, while your '61 would have had the 'sal-e-pepe' cloth paired with the blue vinyl. The patterns etc would be the same.

This car still has the original plastic covering over the passenger door panel. A remarkable time capsule !!

Bill's seat frames are spoken for, I'm afraid.....



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1961 101 Sprint seats

Thank you Greig, Most helpful photos! I guess I'm not very lucky with the seats.
By the way I have 2 questions:
- On your photos the blue vinyl ends to a 45 angle. Is this pattern correct only for the 58 model or it's he same on the 61 model as well?
- Some 101 Sprints had a back seat and others only a baggage space with leather stripes? Mine has a seat in poor condition and I'm not sure what to do.
Hello Athanasios,

Here I am. Have you checked our biancospino fabric?
Here a link to the picture on my blog

Please let me know if I can help you.

Best regards,
Pictures from Bruno Alfieri book.

image sharing

upload foto
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The 45* corners on the seats are correct for your '61 car, the straight piping was on the early 750 Series 1 Normale's. From mid '58 to end '65 the seat piping was at 45*. The only exception was the + - 600 Lightweight Series 1 Sprint Veloce's which also had the 45* piping against the straight piping of the Series 1 Normale's.

There are 2 kinds of back seats, both were optional extras as the parcel shelf was standard.

The first one in Billy's pictures is called the 'disappearing occasional rear sear' and was fitted under the parcel shelf

The second one was a full padded seat with side panel arm rests and a pull down center arm rest.

Both had to be ordered specially, but the second one could only be ordered before the car was built as it was done in the Bertone Factory, while the first one could be retrofitted by a Dealer.

I have the removable rear seat cushion with the standard rigid back. I restored my 1961 Sprint Veloce last year. The original paint was gardenia white with white/gray cloth fabric with dark blue vinyl. The carpeting was also a dark blue color.
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Thank you Gre8. Most helpful info.
Kuni do you have any pics of your finished Sprint?
Sprint interior

Any pictures of your restored Sprint?
I have photos of my car in the ABB restoration section under 1961 Sprint Veloce restoration.
Sprint Seats


Καλώς ήλθατε στο AlfaBB!

I have a pair of 1959 Sprint seats available.
The steel frames are in very good condition with original hardware and springs.
I removed the upholstery on the LEFT seat to examine the condition of the frame.
These seats were upholstered in blue vinyl originally, similar to the pictures Greig displayed.
This would indicate they were installed in a white or light color Sprint at Bertone.

The seat bottoms have been covered over with a black vinyl material. The backrests are the original blue vinyl that has been dyed black to match.
Naturally, the original foam and padding would be replaced when correctly re-upholstered but it is still in place and gives a good reference as to the seat's construction.
It is interesting to note that the steel frame was painted blue to match the upholstery rather than black as most shops do when rebuilding these seats.

If you are interested in purchasing these seats, please sent me a Private Message or a direct email.
Regards - George


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