Offering for Sale a 1960 Giulietta Spider, Normale. (Not mine, posting for a Friend, the Alfa is located about 25 miles south of Rochester, New York. Send me a PM for additional information or if you want to contact the Owner.) This 101 Series car serial is AR 1674XX , with 1300cc engine numbered AR00102 194XX . The Chassis is very rusty underneath, needing floors as well as some structural work. Would be a great parts car. The engine is sieged at this time, the owner is pouring penetrating oil in all cylinders. The Top frame is the 101 style with the slotted screws.
The owner may have some extra parts, (such as doors) for an additional cost. Pick up only , unless arrangements are made in advance. I will ask for an engine photo, and some under carriage photos......
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