1959 cast iron 102 series 2000 engine from a Touring Spider with matching split-case five-speed trans. I bought 7-8 years ago, came out of a Spider than received a small-block V8 transplant. Engine AR00204*00249*, complete other than one plug on oil filter housing. Includes cast header, starter, Marelli distributor, Solex carbs and airbox, Lucas and Marelli generators, stamped steel oil pan, flywheel, clutch slave and rod, transmission with four-bolt output yoke for eight-bolt donut. Have the donut if you want too.

Compressions 60, 120, 60, 120. Cams and tappets all look OK, exhaust clearances .016 to .022, intake clearances .008 to .013. Been in my garage since I got it. Complete but candidate to rebuild. I got it because (1) it came up and (2) I had visions of a 1900 project but that never happened.

Asking $5000, happy to discuss; I don't need it. Shipping would be a hassle but I can put on a pallet or get it to a freight depot if you make the arrangements. I'd figure 450 lbs for the engine, about 75 lbs for the trans. In Berkeley CA; I have a hoist to load, etc.