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Engine number AR4315-30430 This does put it in the 1957 range. It is complete, with DCOE carbs on it. I could include as many parts as the buyer wants. i.e. starter (Marreli or Bosch), generator Marelli or "Dynator", and correct Veloce headers. The Veloce oil pan in great condition. (Air filter can and plenum are NOT for sale)

I also have a correct tunnel case transmission.

Both engine and transmission are freshly rebuilt by one of the top Alfa mechanics in the USA -Karen Macgowan at Alfa West.
They have about 1500 miles on them.

The engine is still in my car, and the transmission was pulled out about 6 months ago. They both work perfectly. At this point a person could come drive the car, and see what they are buying.

Price- not cheap - Anyone SERIOUSLY interested, please PM me.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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