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Hello evereyone , for reasons of space and lack of use i am selling some of my alfas , amognst these is my 1956 1900 ti super .
the car has never been raced , it was bought new at the viterbo alfa romeo dealership owned by mr Guerrino de santis , the car was bought by my fathers good friend Mr Edmondo Luzzi who used the car for less than 2 years , which is when he sold the car to my fahter for Mr luzzi was no longer able to drive it given to health problems.
My father has owned it since. He also had several other 1900s , 1900 tis etc , he was part of the CLIENTI sportivi of alfa romeo , a special group of alfa romeo owners who decided to compete with alfa romeo cars and alfa supplied them with factory support ,mechanic etc... at the races.
I still have some vintage photos of my father racing the 1900 sedans and a little cliente sportivo membership card . My father still rembmers the names of the mechanics that assisted him one was Nando Martucci , also he was in close relations with the head of the FILIALE alfa romeo di roma all during the 50 's and 60 s and has very intersting stories and memories from those times , adding a little if you will to the history of this car .
Anyhow back to the ti super....
the car is in perfect condition , it has 2 engines , the original 1308 ti super engine and a 1306 super engine. serial number is 15397
Currently the super engine is in the car , the ti is apart head from block but complete , both engines were rebuilt in 1964 at the Filiale alfa romeo di ROMA , i have receipts from then , and then seldom used . the car was always stored and in 1990 it was restored in italy , taken apart and sand blasted , repainted in original nitrocellulose paint etc... redone all the chrome etc... upholstery also was redone in a similar material but it is NOT the original wool cloth .
After 1990 we had it shipped to canada where we lived at the time, it was seldom used there also , then i had it shipped to san diego ,for in the mean time we had moved from canada to Baja mexico , where i still reside most of the year and once the car reached san diego by truck , i drove it off , took it for a quick check to danny wells alfa romeo specialist in san diego and then drove it down the baja all the way to la paz , 1000 miles , (sort of... just sort of though hahaha ...a little panamericana..) the trip went perfect without a flaw. i took several pictures and both ruote classiche an auto d'epoca magazines here in italy published a small article with my photos and description of the trip.
time passed and 7 years ago i decided to take it back to italy where it is more appreciated at the club meets etc. it was shipped from L.A. and has been here since .
I have just a couple of pics right now , next tuesday i will take it out of storage and take more pictures .
car is in perfect running condition . I started it this past week .
The ti super was porduced in 478 examples , LESS THAN A GTA .
it had comletely different mechanics from the stock super. some of these modifications were , high compression pistons, special 27 degree cams, ti head , tube headers , dual down draft solexes , full dual exhaust to the back of the car , different positon of front brake shoes with of course the fineed alloy drums, special vents for the front brakes , and a 80 liter fuel tank . This vehicle was the natural evolution of the ti's they sent to the panamerican roadrace ( carrera Messicana) , the ti's were based on the 1800cc 1900 engine but were " maggiorati" to just under 2 liters , the ti super is the final evoultion of the ti line with the now official 2l engine and all the special ti parts experimented in the mexican road race.
there are a few differences in the dash also from the stock super.
The ti supers ran the mille miglia .
Car is registered in the italian ASI club.
was registered in the RIAR but with all our moving around at some point we did not follow with the yearly registration fees. nevertheless i have all the certificates from riar .
i will gladly answer questions reagrding the car at
[email protected]
price is 30 000 euro . comes with several spare parts including the engine.

Thank you for reading
best regards .

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here are some pictures , i will take better pictuers this coming week , these are from 2 years ago . also i did not mention the car was reregistered in tialy and thus has the new plates , however i still have in my possession the origina viterbo plates the car had when new.


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