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Hi All ... i am after infomation and pictures relating to the 1932 Monaco GP winning 8c 2300
I am building a 1:12 scale Italari kit of the car .. and want to make it as authentic as i can
I contemplated the Simon Moore book mentioned in a couple of posts i read on here ... but a tad expensive
Does anyone know the chassis number of the 8c mentioned here.does this car still exist ... if so ... where ? Can i go see it!
Is there any recommendations of web sites with pictures of all the fiddly bits of the car .. .or a similar car.
I am looking at adding as much detail as i can ... thinking of wiring , pipes ... wire locking of the body fasteners.. breathers .... also colouring of little bits and bobs
Any advice or info or chit chat welcome
Ian ... AKA Doneykebab
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