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1900 Berlina repair question

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Can anyone tell me if you need to remove the engine in a Berlina to remove the transmission?

Also, if the transmission and clutch need work/replacing, where is the best place to get parts?

Thanks for you help, Scott
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The transmission is very accessible once you take the tunnel cover off, you do not have to remove the engine. Make sure you support the engine. Check the suppliers listed on the thread two above this one. T.O. bearings are around. Trans parts will take some digging. Clutch parts, maybe, they can be rebuilt.

We took our 102 clutch parts to a rebuild place in Dallas. They were able to match the throw-out bearing, replace the springs and reface the pressure plate for $250. For transmission parts, try talking to Robert or Cindy at Shadetree Enginetrics in Nevada, Texas.
Thanks for the help. I will get working on it soon. I'm sure I will have more questions.

Speaking of questions- Is there a service manual available in English for these cars?

Thanks, Scott


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Is there a service manual available in English for these cars?
Not that I'm aware of. Other than a Flat Rate Labor manual from 1961, the AROC library mentions only Italian manuals for the 1900.
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