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I know there might not be a huge market for these wheels, but I would like to see if there is anybody interested in them. I am thinking of selling my set of 17x7.5 BBS RK-II that I put on the car in September. They are 5x100 and have an offset of 35. Tires are 225/45/17 Toyo proxes 4 and have really good tread on them, which cost $550 mounted balanced (I have the receipt from town fair tire). These are covered under road hazard warranty and will be replaced in case of pothole rupture, etc. The wheels weight 20.7 pounds each and are true 2 piece. The wheel/tire combo made the car alot more stable and grip was incredible. The lips were polished and centered painted a light grey metallic. I also have the BBS valve stem covers that will be included. The adapters are from Charlie at They are hubcentric to the alfa hub and are also hubcentric to the wheels on the other side (58.1mm hub to 57.1mm) so that there are no wobbles at all. They are 20mm and bring the wheels out nicely to the fenders. They also have studs, so removing/mounting wheels is a piece of cake. Only problem was that my car has been lowered and the tires would rub slighty on dips while driving, so I ended up rolling my front fenders. There should not be any rubbing on a stock height car.
If you don't want the adapters, I will sell the wheels separately, but I wont sell the adapters separately. Reason for the sale is that I am looking for a lighter wheel such as the OZ Superleggera (Although I love the look of these BBS's).

-hubcentric 20mm adapters that convert from 5x98 to 5x100 ($350)
-New paint
-No Curbage/scratches on the lips
-Fairly new tires (Were on the car from September-end of November)
-Come with BBS valve stem caps and center caps
-Road hazard wrranty on the tires
The BAD:
-2 of the tires were rubbing the fender slighty until I rolled them
-Small scrapes on the inside of the lug holes

Im looking for 1500 OBO for wheels/tires or 1800 OBO for wheels/tires +adapters
--I am open to all offers
Keep in mind that these wheels are $725.00 each new
(check the bottom of this page- Custom Rims - Buxton Motorsports, Inc., Authorized Panoz dealer and Nationwide Dealer of Pre-owned European Automobiles. )
I will get pics of the lug holes and tires if there is interest in them, thanks
Would make for a nice holiday treat!

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