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I have a Sperry ported 2L head that I was hoping to use on a 1750 block. Is there any way to get the bore centers to line up? I thouhtt I had heard of others doing this before.

I had planned to keep the 1750 exhaust valves stock (37mm) or get the upgraded 38mm and try to get the intake valves as large as possible via the performance upgrade (42.5mm).

Any thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated on if I could acomplish this?
:confused: no, it won't fit and is not worth stuffing it up to make it so

just sell the head to somebody with a 2.0 and build a 1.8 head for your engine - that will be cheaper and better

if you simply must use this head, fit it to a 2.0 block and don't tell anybody ;)
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