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Greetings: Re post of earlier edition - only one dash available now.

1750 Spider longtail dashboard (Red) acquired by me in a larger parts buy.

I am setting a starting price at $400, A recovered dash top alone is more than twice that, and it would not be original.

I was told this dashboard ws removed 20 years ago by an Alfa service shop here in CT - back in the days when long tailed spiders were quickly cut up if any problems arose. Consequently, there is NO rust, and most of the vinyl is intact. The paint is likely usable as-is (as long as you need red). There are no dents or scratches in the metal. The bezel chrome has some corrosion, but the small instrument housings are crisp ( then again, they are plastic, not chromed metal like the Duetto's).

Dash is a complete unit, with fully provisioned glove box, light, switch, and the leather pull tab in great condition. I can't speak for the functionality of the gages, but they are all there and look fine but would need cleaning to be presentable. All light housings are intact. Both vent units are in working order.

The lower dash bumper is in perfect condition - no cracks. The dash upper surface is in very presentable shape, save a small 1" crack near one of the defroster vents - see arrow in full top photo & also detail. The radio cutout looks to have been slightly enlarged, but not hacked.

- Michael


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