Up for sale is a 1750 motor I bought to rebuild for my 1969 GTV, but I don't need it anymore. I bought this motor because it had a very low serial number (AR00551*00271). According to FUSI it is a USA 1750 GTV 1968.
I don’t know much about the motor as I have not taken it apart other than separating the block and head. There are 2 obvious issues that I was going to have repaired. Please see the pictures.
Someone drilled a hole in the head by the triangle 1750 mark. I was told it was for an extra oiling setup for the chains? Since then a bolt with washers was put there.
Also one of the “ears” that the trans bolts to broke off. I was going to have these both repaired.
Looking closer at the flywheel, the bolts are not correct. I took off the flywheel to inspect and seems like someone threaded the crank holes for bolts. The flywheel bolts screw right into the crank! Has anyone ever seen this modification?

The motor is located in northern NJ.
$500 plus shipping