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This bumper is used but was removed from a car 35+ years ago. It is in very good overall condition although there is a slight depression in the upper surface (final photo) which will be easy enough to planish out, and it will need a general polish. The bumper will be supplied with both overriders, both of which are in excellent condition, and NOS edging trim where they sit on the bumper itself (if required). Both the bumper blocks are present and in perfect, uncracked condition, although my camera battery died before I could take photos of these. They are handed, with '245' and '246' cast into the plastic. There appears to be an Italian small front number plate holder behind the plastic UK plate.

Price is £260 GBP plus shipping. I can drill out the rivets for easier packaging if you prefer. Please email me at verulamparts 'at' hot mail 'dot' com if interested, thank you.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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