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I have a floor mounted pedal box for sale. I'm looking for $300 for most of what you see in the picture. What isn't included is the brake and clutch master cylinders. I will include the brake master cylinder that you can see which isn't attached. This would allow for a fairly straight forward conversion of an early mechanical clutch car to a hydraulic clutch. The pedal box is in very good shape, although a bit dirty. I've used it of the last 5 years in my race car but converted to a tilton set up. The Momo covers can be removed and standard pedal covers could go back on. As for the holes in the pedal arms....not so easy to go back.
email me at [email protected] if interested. Part are located in Calgary, Canada if that isn't obvious. The brake master cylinder I'm including was fine when I pulled from a car (I drove the car and the brakes worked fine).
As you can see, I carefully removed the reservoir bracket so it would be very easy to attach to the engine bay. I can also include a freshly zinc'd ATE reservoir cap, if that helps the deal.


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