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Greetings! Will be swapping out my ailing 1750 engine from my 1969 Euro. spider (with the Euro 3-hose system and the bypass hose and the 2-outlet pump) to a freshly-built 2 liter. The 2 l. block is out of an '84, and the head is either Spica or early Bosch.
I can't figure out which waterpump to use, the 2-outlet (which I have now) or the 3-outlet. What determines this - the carb intake manifold or the type of timing cover?
Thanks in advance.

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Personal preference would be the determining factor as both setups accomplish the same thing.
Retain the 1750 setup if you'd prefer the original look while the 2l setup has the advantage of better parts availability.

BTW, all the ports on all waterpumps are INPUTS, not outlets.
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