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Hi Y'all

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. I have a 1960 101, still fitted with it's original engine (1300) and all, and as much as I love to look and drive the car, it's speed it a big let down. I am not looking to go racing, but the car cannot even fast tour in my opinion. On long roads I'm on 5th gear and maxing out, and get frustrated that I cannot push it a little harder. At first I though of adding a set of twin webbers for that extra bit of power, but I don't think those will be enough either.

After giving it some thought and discussing this with my old man (he has a Giulia Sprint Veloce (1600)) he suggested that I swap out the engine for something slightly bigger such as the 1600, me being me I thought I would go all in and see if I can fit a 2000 or at least a 1750.

Is it possible to fit a 2000 on a 101 Sprint in the past? Has anyone done it previously?



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Hi David

Yes it can be done & it's far easier in a Sprint than a Spider because of the extra height of the engine bay

My suggestion is to look for an early 1750 with the side mounted oil filter, the later 1750's are like the 2.0 engine with the screw on filters on the timing cover which are where the steering arms swing, you can fit these, but you then either need a remote oil filter or a very small screw on filter

The 2.0 engine also has a different gearbox as the input shaft is bigger so you are stuck with the hydraulic clutch - you can get around this in 2 ways, either order the Triumph TR3 brake fluid tin with the 2 outlets (Reservoir, brake & clutch, with Girling Decal) and tuck the clutch pipe discreetly away (No guarantees than you won't have fouling issues with the slave cylinder-to-floorboards / transmission tunnel) OR go with Classic Alfa's 1600/1750 into 2.0 clutch conversion, which will allow you to run an earlier gearbox on the 2.0 engines.

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