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I am selling my 1750 105 engine, which is currently fitted to my 101 Giulietta Spider. The reason for sale is that I have bought an original Veloce engine, so will be returning the car to it's original 1300 spec.

The engine can be heard running, and demonstrated on the road, before it is removed in about 4-5 weeks time. I live just north-east of London.

The engine was completely rebuilt by Chris Whelan, who in my opinion is one of the finest engineers in the UK for these type of engines. Since rebuild the engine has covered less than 5000 miles and it runs superbly well.

I have the original build sheet from Chris, detailing all the works.

Before rebuild the engine was in good condition. It has the following:

New Borgo pistons and Liners
New main and big end bearings
New valves, guides and valve springs
New oil pump relief valve and spring
New chains, gaskets, seals etc..
Water pump rebuilt.

Everything is to standard spec, and the head has not been skimmed (standard 112mm)
Crank was in excellent condition so the bearings are standard.

Since rebuild the car has been little used but has had yearly filter and oil changes using Castrol GTX.

Cosmetically the engine is clean, original looking, and free of any significant leaks.

Includes twin 40 Webers, also rebuilt.

Does NOT include dynamo, starter motor, clutch and carburettor trumpets.

Please pm me for further details/more photo's.


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