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Beautiful design Alessio rims for Alfa romeo 5 bolt set up.
These come with Kumho 235 40 17 tires. All tires have some tread but o.k. for summer use as is the full spare. Would not drive fast in a downpour as these are wide.
Wheels are in very good shape with some mounting scrapes to one and a chip in the enamel to the other. Can be cleaned up with proper match enamel. These come with spacers BUT NO BOLTS. Uses Alfa-Fiat thread (fine thread, also similar to Nissan) bolts but stock bolts are too long. Should cost around $3 each.

NO delivery.

Located 1/2 hr west of NewMarket, 25 minutes from Bolton, 30 minutes from Orangeville or 30 from Barrie. About 40 minutes from 400/401 knuckle.
That's north of Toronto...


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