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164S with L upgrades!

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Isn't this the one that a fellow BB'er had for sale on BB and eBay with L front bumper, fronts seats, arm rest, etc?



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I think it is. This is the "S" model with the l arm rest seats etc.
Yep here is link to 2006 ebay listing: Click here: eBay Motors: Alfa Romeo : 164S (item 4620983057 end time Mar-20-06 18:00:00 PST)

Second ebay listing:
Notice how the previous ad said 180,000+ miles. Now the ebay ad says 80,000. Typo? He does mention that the car has 180k in the text.
This car is the one Atikovi started listing and posting about starting in for sale section 2-28-06 and has postings from 2-28 to 4-16 in FS section.

Wonder if owner of 4-19-2006 this dealer or it has been sold again to a dealer or cosigned?
I emailed him with a correction or two today. He also states that it has some kind of chip and a performance exhaust but he worried about listing those lest people think it was abused.
We all went through this exercise with Atikovi last year when he fixed it up and listed it on ebay. Wonder who is selling it this time.
I also love the term "IMMACULATE"! What is this a Bobcore car?:confused:
If thats "IMMACULATE" I have a mint showroom car?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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