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Hi guys,

Some of you will have seen me on here before, some not. I am seriously looking for an S (or Q if it happens to come along) to use as a daily driver.

Unfortunately I am still considered a credit risk here in the US, which quite frankly pisses me off enormously! A1+ credit in the UK but anyway I suppose I have only been here a short(ish) while.

Anyway....... Whilst my project is still to be delivered (a 1970 spider) I need to find myself a car I can drive.

Has to be manual, has to be driveable, and preferably close enough that I can get the wife to drive me there to pick it up!

I dont want to spend a fortune, hundreds would be great, but I do have $3k I could spend if the right car came along.

I dont expect a massive response to this, but if you have something that might fit the bill please let me know. If its the right car, at the right price, I could be tempted if its not too far!


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