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164s starting issue?

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I just talked to my pal Terry...she has had difficulty starting her car when cold for quite a while (once warmed up it starts fine).
Here's the wrinkle-when the weather was really cold, like 15 degrees, it started instantly from cold every time over a period of several weeks.
Caveat-she isn't too good at describing symptoms, but this one has me intrigued.
I vowed to disassociate myself from this car, but it looks like I'm gonna see if I can figure out what is going on with it, just because there's no other help available.
Any ideas?
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Check coolant temp sensor (CTS) or wiring/connector to it at mid thermostat housing.

The one under the top hose not one next to timing belt cover.
Thanks Steve-will do.
She's bringing the car over this week and will leave it here as long as I want, so that makes it convenient for me. I need to see if I have an option to get it under cover in case we have a threat of hail. As you know, it's that time of year, and my 4 covered/enclosed spaces are occupied with my cars.
Will report back.
Thanks again.
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