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164L power front drivers seat

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Driver side front seat will not move forward or backward.....cannot hear motor running when power switch is pushed.
Thank you all
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Tsp on seat motor with a hammer or like object. Or try switching your switches.
Thank you for the tips

Take care
The manual has tips on moving the seats (so as to be able to remove them) even in case of power failure. What _I_ do, which is naturally different, is to hold the offending non-operating button down and then punch other buttons, like the seat back tilt motor, in the hope that on-off transients in the voltage will induce the recalcitrant motor to start turning. Sometimes encouraging the seat to move backward by pushing firmly on the floor pan in front can pre-load the motor to reduce the required start-me-moving torque. Just a suggestion.

There's always reaching under the seat and disconnecting/reconnecting the power and other connections. Sometimes this even works.

Although ARDONA developed a little blue box full of relays to momentarily reverse the motors to prevent them dead spotting I still think that the problem is dirt in the microswitches. Cleaning those switches helps for a while and then new ones fix the problem for a while. I'm on my third or fourth set of seat switches in 16 years. The darned things are on the edge of the seat and face up where they get all manner of dirt dropped on them. Dumb and not ergonomic. They should at least have been fitted into the side of the seat base like most designs.
You're correct, the switch design is dumb, but a little WD-40 or contact cleaner goes a long way to helping matters. A screwdriver tap handle end to the inside motor is usually the first part of the drill.
Also, don't leave the motor in the extreme rearmost position. A tiny bit of slack is needed.
Also, don't leave the motor in the extreme rearmost position. A tiny bit of slack is needed.
That's what ARDONA's magic blue box did, for all three motors it momentarily reversed the motor when the switch was released which prevented the motor from sticking at the "end of travel" as well as anywhere else.

I prefer the Radio Shack (now Circuit City in Canada) Tape and Head Cleaner for cleaning the contacts. WD 40 stinks. Stabilant 22 is supposed to be good but I can't find any up here. Electrical contact cleaner is what is required.
Radio Shack contact cleaner is fine. Watch it on plastics though, it'll soften them at least temporarily.
AR164-40 seat control box TSB 40.90.02

Maybe you need to verify you infact have seat control boxes installed.

See this TSB: Alfa 164 TSB 40.91.02
Anyone know if all this applies to the LS?
The passenger side seat back is dead
Under the seat are the motors. I believe that the outside motor needs a love tap with the handle end of a screwdriver. Simple test is to run the motor that still operates and look and listen to locate it, then tap opposite motor to hopefully get it up and running. Good luck!
Anyone know if all this applies to the LS?
The passenger side seat back is dead
TSB says all 164s but pictures only indicate 91-93 models and 24v seats have different switches.

So I don't know but maybe you can check and see if boxes are under front flap of seat or inside carpet slit.

I doubt system the same though as wiring diagram for 94 model shows four motors instead of three in 91-93 seats.
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