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I've sworn years by Mequires - the cleaner wax in one can, can't recall the exact name but the can is a purplish redish. Using this has always yeilded great results. IMNHO the secret is the ragsone uses to apply it but more importantly, buff it off. For me, soft well used raggedy toweles. For the glass, Stoner invisible glass and non printed paper towels. Here in Italy I'm fortunate in that I can get them by the 10 mile roll so I have plenty. It does a great job on the glass. I never use any of the Rain X type products. For inside, I have cloth interiors and once a year or so use a portable steam cleaner kinda thing. I have a friend who swears he uses baseball mitt conditioner on his leather. I have no clue but his seats have a feel and patina that are to die for. For the plastic bits under the hood and inside I like ArmorAll wiping cloths. Gives me the low gloss shine I want. Tires? I don't like shiny tire so I use ArmorAll tire foam spray. Gives me waht I consider a really "clean" look all across the car.
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