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I've been a long time fan of Turtle wax, it did an amazing job at preserving the paintwork on the diesel ZX (was never painted in 17 years and has absolutely no rust). It's also what I used when I bought the 164. First thing people told me was "you've got to paint it", after a day's detailing it looked like it was painted. I will have to paint it anyway because of some rusty bits it has, I'm just waiting for summer.

About the leather seats, I don't think a "miracle" product is necessary, I think a lot of a good product is necessary. Putting too little of something that is too expensive won't rehydrate the leather.

Have you got the seats with leather and suede? I'm still thinking about what to use to renew the look on the suede. Manual says a stiff brush is enough, but I fear the suede might be too dry to do it.
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