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This is currently in my daily driver, I have video of all gears shifting, downshifting, and gear engagement, this transmission was rebuilt less than 30k ago but I cannot find the receipts from previous owner, I have seen a receipt for both engine and transmission rebuilt-remove-reinstall, close to 8k for both.

this transmission does not leak a drop from anywhere, it does not act up in any way, and fluid looks brand new, reason I am selling it because I have a parts car with a manual that I am swapping.

I am looking for cash


I am also looking for a S Bumper kit (skirts front and rear bumper) or aftermarket springs, or anything performance for a 12v, S Seats, rear spoiler, or nicer wheels than the stock.


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Oh Bignerm, Bignerm, come in Bignerm. I overnighted you a money order several weeks ago and you said that you had shipped the part and would send me the tracking number. Since you received and cashed the check I haven't heard from you and haven't seen the part. I hope everything is alright. Funny how I spent all that extra money just to help you out and here we are weeks later - it's almost like it was a complete waste!

So I'm really, really worried about you since you haven't returned my emails or phone calls. So much so that I figured that if I didn't hear from you soon (like in the next 12 hours) that I would ask all my friends on the BB to help me help you. I figure that many of us could email and call you on a regular and frequent basis just to make sure you are ok.

The good news is that with your address was able to google map your place and actually see where you live and even your carport. And the white pages was equally helpful in verifying that you live at that address and even provided me your phone number!

So tomorrow if I don't hear from you I can publish everything I know about you and your mom and dad on the internet (they call it the "Information Super Highway" don'tcha know) and everyone can help out!

Here is more good news: My old roommate from when I lived in Seattle is in the CIA. He's got friends in Everett too! What a guy! He was telling a couple of really cool stories. One was about how knowing your license plate number (like in the pictures you posted) they can pretty much track you anywhere you go - even if it's in another car. And, (and I thought this was really interesting) how mail fraud is a federal offense and people can get into a whole lot of trouble - even if it's just an old car part! Well, it would probably bore you but I found it fascinating.

As you've probably figured out by now, I'm a real detail oriented guy and really like digging into a problem. Kinda like a bulldog - I just can't let go until I've solved the problem. If you got a problem let me know - I'm sure I can help.

Yeah, the Alfa community is really helpful. So If you forgot to mail the part we can help you remember to do so. Or if the part never existed in the first place and you just wanted to return my money - we can help there too. Don't forget to include the cost of a money order and overnight postage - that's about another $20.

Oh, and I almost forgot: The registered letter - that's from my good friend Gary the attorney. What a guy - not much of a car guy but man he has a way with words!

Best wishes!
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