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164 Trunk Lid w/o S Spoiler

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Looking to replace (trade?) 164S trunk lid (with OEM spoiler, brake light) with (for?) plain (spoiler-less) trunk lid (i.e, B, L, LS). (Edit: ideally red and in/near the DC area).


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I have a base or L trunk lid. Looking to sell more then trade. Its located in Atlanta, Ga. If interested let me know. It would several weeks for I could get a picture of it.
Thanks for the reply, Jim. I should've indicated preferably red and local/nearby (DC area), but I wouldn't absolutely rule out shipment from Georgia. What color and condition?
I'd have to look. It might be red but I think there are 2 or 3 of them. I'll be going back to Atlanta in a few weeks. I'll see what I have.
OK. Thanks.
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