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164 Struts available again, MADE IN ITALY. Designed from OEM direct, so all struts are OEM Spec. but with attractive pricing!!!! **2 year Guarantee!

$189 Front Strut (series I,II)
$145.00 Rear strut
$650 for a SET
Plus shipment.

OEM at this point is NLA, if I find them I will supply them but that is going far and few between these days so we have these available. They are high quality and made in Italy just as Boge/Sachs were. They are available now. No waiting, no searching, now. These are basically tuned to be very similar to standard struts but with a little more sporty feel. Soft and supple when appropriate.

This certified range of new shock absorbers with their two-year guarantee is a winner in terms of safety, comfort and quality. In acomplete range of oil and gas-oil versions VITAL SUSPENSIONS shock absorbers have managed to anticipate new manufacturing technologies by presenting thr best combined solutions for the after market which is the most sensitive towardes innovations.
Osrav invest heavily in its Research and Develpoment division, to ensure constant progress without placing restric- tions on the ability to discover and invent.

Upgrade your 164 struts and go drive!

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Hi Jason

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I just found this thread, fortunately, and I'm going to give you a call. I was looking on your website last night and these items are not shown there. Do you have a crossover chart? I believe that the original OEM numbers for the Alfa Romeo 164 struts/shocks where
  • 60598997 Front strut
  • 60598998 Rear strut
I think these are the other part numbers for comparison. I've listed them below and worse case scenerio this post gets some SEO value from Google for other people searching for a source.

MA-00701 Rear Strut

301023 Front Strut

22-046789 Rear Strut

DG7764 Front Strut
DG7764 Rear Strut

MM-00701 Rear Strut

KYB numbers
KTB-334800 Front Strut
KYB-334801 Rear Strut

Magneti Marelli
351762070000 Rear Strut

16574 Front Strut
G16574 Rear Strut
16538 Rear Strut

SKSA-0130328 Rear Strut

JGM208T Front Strut
JGM1008T Rear Strut
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