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164 Stepper Motor Brass Gears

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I hope it's okay to advertise my eBay items here. I can't see in the rules that it's not.

I'm selling a set of brass gears for a climate control stepper motor here:

Alfa 164 Climate Control Stepper Motor Gearset - Brass (eBay item 230603942815 end time 11-Apr-11 21:04:26 AEST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats

Watch this space because I'll also be selling a gearbox fitted with metal gears and a gearbox with plastic gears, both used but in good working order.

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G'Day Chris,

How much for the used gearbox? The set you have on Ebay would be nice for someone to copy and sell to us crazy enthusiasts.
Not really having any idea what they're worth, I was planning to eBay the two gearboxes. I just didn't want to have them up all at the same time. However, I'm possibly open to offers. Which gearbox do you want?

"nice for someone to copy and sell to us crazy enthusiasts." Well that's what AlfaPro did from the original plastic gears. If I remember correctly, I paid AUD$200 for two sets. They've now sold out and AlfaPro don't seem interested in making any more.
G'Day Chris,
...The set you have on Ebay would be nice for someone to copy and sell to us crazy enthusiasts.
I'm pretty sure I could get that done. I'd need the grears to measure, draw up in CAD, and make an .stl file to use in a prototyping machine. I did this once before with some old brittle plastic gears in a radio receiver. I modeled the plastic gears and made brass copies. It worked very well.
Plastic gears?

So you could just use some of the old plastic stepper motor gears to model from, couldn't you?
Yes. But usually folks don't pull them out until they are broken, and they are useless for modeling when they are broken. But if I had a decent set of plastic gears then yes, those can be modeled.
Go for it, Larry! I'm sure you will find support in the community for a reliable source for these parts - myself included.
I might. Of course necessity is a mother! I don't need a set right now, but I wouldn't mind having a set of spares and being able to duplicate more. I'll meet up with my friends in the business sometime this summer and ask what it would take to get some made.
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