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164 Steel Braided Brake Hose Set-New/Milano Headlight Cover

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Hi Guys,

I'm moving and came across these 2 items from previous 164/Milano ownership. I don't have any idea what they are worth, so shoot me some offers.




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Pic of the Milano headlight cover. Only have the one side


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One more pic of the headlight cover. It clips on to the headlight


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I would be interested in the brake lines for $45

(925) 200-1998
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I would be interested in the milano headlight cover?
Hello, I will make an offer of $25 for the milano headlight cover if interested,thanks Graham.
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Hey Graham......$25 plus shipping and it's yours! Where are you located?

Graham.....looks like shipping to the UK will be prohibitive. Over $200, so unless you want the headlight cover REALLY bad, you may want to look elsewhere.
Hi Andy, there is no cheaper way of shipping? I would really like to have this as I have the other cover, so this would make the pair,these are really rare and finish the car off really well,if you could find slightly cheaper shipping I would be grateful,thanks Graham.
Graham....I've never shipped anything overseas before so it's all new to me. I checked UPS and that's where I got the >$200 quote. Maybe someone here has a better way? I would love to get the headlight cover to you, I have no need for it.

US Post Office shows about $30 for a parcel to the UK.
Thanks, I do not mind paying, but $200 seems excessive, hopefully we can find cheaper shipping as I really want this cover to make a matched pair, maybe the US Post Office is an option,thanks again for your time,regards Graham.
$200 is comically absurd.

I got a entire Bosch headlight assembly delivered to my door in South Dakota USA from Germany in a couple weeks for $50 shipping charge.
I just checked US postal service rates. The headlight cover would require a medium or large box. Prices from their website are $62.95 for the medium and $81.95 for the large box.

Chime in here Roadtrip if you know something I don't. I'm trying to help Graham out here, not rip him off....
International Price Calculator

I guessed at 3 lbs for the weight.

check the item: "PACKAGE"


Look down in the blue band for FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS



First-Class Package International Service™**More info about First-Class Package International Service™
Value of contents can not exceed $400.00
Other than rolls: Max. length 24", max length, height and depth (thickness) combined 36"
Rolls: Max. length 36". Max length and twice the diameter combined 42"

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Hi Andy, that sounds great, if you could let me know a complete price for the cover and shipping, in your own time,I know we all have work and family commitments,I can then pay you via paypal into your bank account with either your e-mail address or mobile phone number,contact me through our e-mail address of [email protected]
Thanks for all your effort,regards Graham.
Thanks Roadtrip for the International Price Calculator,regards Graham.
Thanks Roadtrip, didn't see that when I looked it up on USPS. Graham, if you are ok with the $30.20 shipping, I will get the process in motion ASAP. I want this cover on your 75 ASAP!
As soon as I get the final shipping quote, I will let you know and send you my paypal address.

Thanks to Roadtrip and to yourself Andyn, I am more than pleased with the shipping costs and I am more than happy to pay as soon as you let me know the total costs,I await your Paypal address to pay.Thanks again Graham.
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