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Well probably about time I mentioned this on here... a week after the Adelaide May 2011 Alfa's show and shine, an f-wit of a driver decided to turn right in front of us while we were heading through an intersection on a green light. Bonnet, guard, bumper, grille all totalled as a result with significant damage, thankfully no structural. Insurance gave us hell due to the age of the car, but after 4+ weeks of arguing we finally got a settlement. These cars are considered worthless junk to insurance companies...

Long story short, I've had the car repaired with the added bonus of getting the roof repainted as well and we've just broken even on budget. I ended up buying another nearly identical car that had been neglected for less than buying the individual bonnet/guard/bumper, so now I have a load of spares - some good some very tired. Car is looking awesome however I need a few more parts to make it mint. I'm looking for these parts NEW if possible - any pointers for suppliers in the US or Europe would be most helpful:

- chrome heart surround and centre black plastic grille
- (RHD) driver's side plastic grille
- T-bar auto handle/button - the button has broken and is loose

Also the electric boot/trunk release has failed - what fuse/relay do I need to check this? I checked all fuses in the driver's footwell but couldn't find any failed.

Any tips most appreciated, photos shortly!


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A/T handle 112242180 or ss number 60505028 for Fiat Croma and Lancia Thema

Or 164 Super A/T handle 112978560

If you want new parts listed above I would try emailing [email protected] at Difatta Bros here in USA as they ship internationally.

R/H grille piece is 60509953 (driver's side RHD or passenger side LHD)
emblem is 60596492
center grille heart 60509929
black gasket center 60509942


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