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1982 GTV-6
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Have these parts from the 94 164 that I parted out. All listed with pics on EBay except for the coils.

Heater Core Alfa Romeo 164 1994 LS SOLD

Heater Center Console control with motor

AC Vents Dash Center and left and right

Cruise control under wheel stalk switch

Steering wheel column complete with air bag, and stalk switches and adjustment assembly down to floor with ignition switch and key

Lower steering shaft that attaches to above steering wheel assembly

Drivers and passenger sun visors

Red safety door panel lights lower corner of door panels - all 4

Wiper arm assemblies both sides

Pininfarina side badges

Front passenger side window glass

Rear passenger side window glass

Rear drivers side window glass

Electric window motors - 2 from front

Rear window regulators with motors

Electric door lock assemblies with solenoid both front

Overhead grab handles

Dash trip total, dimmer switch panel with switches

Fuse block with relays missing flasher relay

Dash cover door for fuse block area

Heater AC center control fan flap with motors

Automatic center console with parking brake flap and rubber. No switches or rear ash tray

Space saver spare - never used

Emergency brake handle and mechanism

Overhead sunroof switch and lights assembly SOLD

Dash wiring harness with relays and passenger side modules

Not on EBay but will be soon

Coils on plug - 6 for 24 valve

All four doors less hardware.

Front shock towers - no springs 94K on car

24 Valve Block with pistons, crank, liners and oil pan. (Heads are sold) $500 obo

24 Valve engine fresh rebuild from Alfa shop in Boston, Done and stored since 1999, -$1500 obo

24 Valve ECU and wiring harness

Located Rochester NY. Make me an offer they need to get out of the basement to make room for my GTV6 after a long cold snowy winter.

Pics available on EBay or via email.

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Automatic center console with parking brake flap and rubber. No switches or rear ash tray

Mine is a 94 Q and manual. All I really need is the parking brake flap and rubber. Mine is charcoal gray interior.

What about the curved instrument cluster dash cover? Mine is pretty horrid due to shrinkage. I think it's leather.

Oil vapor separator?

I could use door panel plastic clips/studs (that hold door panels in place)

Rear trunk lid Alfa badge (lock cover)

1982 GTV-6
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Have the flap and cover and will see how I can separate from console
Not sure what you mean by curved instrument dash cover. But probably have what you want
May have clips but will have to look what I saved when I removed door panel
No rear badge cover, but will check. Have lots of odds and ends from interior and exterior that I stripped before sending car to recycler.

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