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I've had issues with the exhaust gas recirc pipe over the years. Mostly the banjo bolt coming loose and leaking exhaust/air where it connects to the rear manifold. Decided enough was enough. Pe-1995 models don't have it anyway.

Disconnected the lower banjo bolt - no problem. Disconnecting the top banjo bolt, from the connection on the rear of the plenum chamber and it sheered off. Corrosion of the banjo bolt - as you can see in the close-up pic. Was left with an odd-shaped hole to plug. Just inlet temperatures - found a plastic tyre-valve dustcap, pressed halfway in (tight fit - sorry no pics as hands were too filthy by this point to unlock my phone via fingerprint) aided by sealant.

Now to get the EGR pipe out. 1 hour later, having removed idle control valve, crank breather canister and rear engine mount near gear linkage it was still no go. Couldn't get a tool on the steel pipe at the rear of the rear head it was trapped by so resorted to cutting the top off. Still wouldn't come out -so perfectly shaped to fit around the engine components, cut it again.

The car now runs much better. So much better was keeping up with a motorbike from 40mph and above. Emissions seem better too - lower banjo bolt had come a little loose - again....

As you can see, the EGR pipe is no more. Had suspected it had split but it hadn't and, now chopped up, can see it was made of stainless steel so unlikely ever to split. Hoping the material around it is fibreglass or such, rather than asbestos. And so this little story of venture ends, after another '10-minute' job took two hours and filled a swearbox, twice.



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