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Two questions:

On looking in the 164 workshop manual, mechanical gearbox section, the end of the chapter diagnostic section, there is the noise troubleshooting section describing a noise heard on acceleration, heard mostly in 4th and 5th, 75 mph and above. This pretty much is the noise I hear at higher speeds. I think it has always done it since new as far as I can tell. Referring to the test section for that specific noise, the manual says to check the 'spur' gears for faults or excess clearances of some sort.

1. What are the 'spur' gears? I might assume they are the spider (side pinions) as described in the manual, but there is no definition anywhere for the 'spur' gears vs the side pinions in the diagrams.

However, I don't know why there would be noise from those gears or the other parts of the spider gear setup, since when driving in a straight line, theoretically none of those gears rotate, just the large ring gear. The gears inside the spider cage rotate only when the car is turning.

2. I may have asked this before, but can the differential casing be removed from the transmission without removing the transmission from the engine? Is there room? I must admit I haven't peered under that part of the car looking specifically for that, but boy, it would sure make life simpler if it could be, to inspect the differential cage and parts.

Check this out Del.
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