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pulled my 1995 164 24v speedo display apart today to try and find fault in odometer LCD segments.

Expected to find an issue with the ribbon cable but it looks fine, even when magnified.
How ever the PCB looks a little worse for wear. Some evidence of heat damage from the backlight bulbs.
For the area related to the odometer it looks like some of the protective covering over the fine tracks has been worn through. Culprit has to be the white dashboard frame that it presses against, possibly trapping moisture or impurities and shorting between them. The tracks themselves look intact.

Three questions:
1) My thoughts are to use some kind of alcohol to clean them up and, once dry, coat the area with an insulating electrical varnish. Any suggestions as to which type?

2) Given the heat effect from the backlight bulbs does anyone know of LED replacements or the spec for the bulbs used so I can hunt for some?

3) Any reason why an identical looking display from a 1995 twinspark can't be used as a substitute if the repair fails? Thinking here is the rev counter will just take feed from the crank sensor and speedo will just measure wheel rotations. Correct?

Have attached a number of pics from the disassembly. While compiling them noticed the hidden screws can actually be accessed through holes in the PCB. Other PCBs may have the heatsink screws in different places or not have any at all. Not taken pic of removing the two screws holding on the cluster surround but if you try this operation you will see it makes logical sense to do so.

Only allowed to upload 5 pics while posting this thread. Will try and upload more shortly - hopefully it will let me.

Thank you.

PS. Sorry the pics aren't in the best order. Annoyingly it seems I can't upload more pics after posting the thread so going to try replacing one.


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