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164 3L 12v 1991 front indicator lens WTB

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Greetings BBer's again...

I found someone who claims they can repair the crack in my 164 front bumper, but the next challange is a replacement front indicator lens for the passenger side (it's RHD, so either that or a LHD driver's side). Both local parts stockists only have complete headlight/indicator assemblies for $500+... I just need the lens! Good condition off a wreck is fine! PM me if you can help.

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Alfa 164 Series 1 H4 Headlight L/H turn signal lens

Alfa 164 Series 1 H4 Headlight L/H turn signal lens

If you have Euro Elma Series One H4 Headlight assembly you need a L/H 60743094 turn signal lens.


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Hi Benjamin,

If you purchase a used lens only, without the indicator housing, beware!

Not all 164L lenses are the same as I found out the hard way.
I purchased used RH and LH lenses and the RH lens is different to the one it replaces, as well as being different to the LH lens.
From the front they all look the same, but the rear panels are completely different where they meet the housing.

Either match the lens from all angles to your own using photos, or purchase the whole indicator fitting.

If you have the part number for a new one (by courtesy Alfisto Steve) you should be fine.
Even when purchasing the new item you may have to purchase the accompanying indicator housing if the lens does not fit your original housing.

I have a RH indicator lens in very good condition for anyone who needs one.
I will swap or sell for about $20.00 which is what it cost me originally.
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Lens lesson 101.

I gave him picture and part number for turn signal lens for Euro Spec series one Elma headlight assembly. On this headlight the plastic body contains both the headlight, city light (parking light) and turn signal lights. The turn signal lens attaches to headlight with gasket and lens snaps onto body.

Now USA model Carello head lights do not contain the parking light or turn signal lights. It is a seperate self contained light assembly that snaps onto headlight metal back frame next to headlight not head light itself.

As for this Carello headlight parking/turn signal add on assemblies the difference is whether is has a rubber drain/vent tube on inside edge of housing. That vent tube style is very difficult to install with headlight in car because tube gets in the way when trying to slide it into headllight metal frame.
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