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Please note that fig. 1 Tech Bulletin 00.91.03 shows Top Dead Center (TDC) mark on Alfa 164 12v V6 engine's front crankshaft pulley (do not use flywheel mark). and Rick's pdf file template shows what cam timing marks need to be when engine at Top Dead Center. Print off Rick's cam timing template on 8x14 paper or two sheets of 8x11 paper taped together and cut out to fit cam pulley hubs. Remove two black center caps on timing belt covers to install template over cam pulleys hubs and line up with finely scribed lines.

If no finely scibed lines visible on cam hubs with crank pulley at TDC rotate crankshaft another 360 degrees Clockwise with 41 mm (1 5/8") socket and recheck cam hubs with template.

Note: Much easier with spark plugs removed.

Always turn engine clockwise (CW) to set up timing marks do not go backwards (CCW).

Rick's Template:


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