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I acquired this item in the late 70's for use on a project that was still-born. It went into my archives and has been unused since. Some previous owner had over tightened the thermostat and cracked the mounting shoulder. I had a professional welder grind out the bad metal and weld up the hole. Plus, most of the bigger corrosion pits and a gouge or two have been welded. All welding has been ground and sanded back to the original surface. The threads were repaired as best I could. The thermostat screws in easily until the last turn when it becomes a little tight. That does permit a nice snug hand tightened fit. To be more descriptive about the fit I have little trouble getting it in or out and that's with 73 year old hands and fingers. The manifold comes with all the fittings. The thermostat opens at 100 degrees using a paint stripping gun. That really isn't a good test as I need to test the temperature of the water by using the kitchen range. I'll do that the next time my wife is out of the house. The sending unit works. I used the heat gun with the sending unit wired into my 60 Spider. The gauge responded accordingly.

Asking $300.00 based on recent offerings which ran $350 to $400. It is my opinion that this part is completely serviceable but with the distressed history I'm not going that high. More photos and a broader description available to interested parties.


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