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Hi everyone, I am restoring a 1965 spyder voloce 101 I do not have the voloce engine but I have a complete 1600 engine that is seized. I am trying to hold down the cost on doing this car if I could. The car will be a driver not a 100 point show car. I would like to take it to some vintage races and events. i have tons of parts for these cars, doors hoods, trunk lids, rears,factory hardtop,blocks, heads, trans, seats gauges, many many bits and peices. as soon as I finish this car I would to sell off all my parts.
I WOULD LIKE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO COULD REBUILD OR SWAP AND ENGINE FOR ME. I also have a 62 101 spyder for parts with front end complete with brakes and rear complete with drums windshield etc.:rolleyes::confused::mad:
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