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Hello, everyone,

since I'm converting to a different engine, there's a lot of stuff for sale. Preferably in a complete package:

ENGINE: Alfa Romeo 1600 Nord AR 00526A*S, from Giulia Super, adjusted and measured by Peter Praller/Formula GT Munich 2015, diagram available on request, 107 HP, revs quiet well, hangs well on the gas, no problems. I bought the engine overhauled, unfortunately I can't make any statements about the used components, except that it works really well. Videos available.

Gearbox: Original 1300, to overhaul, because of known problems with synchro rings when shifting down to 2nd gear. Reinforced sport clutch incl.

CARBURETTOR: Weber 40 DCOE, still on the engine, super adjusted and sprayed, absolutely dry, very good carburetor rubbers, carburetor support, incl. original air filter box, untreated ADDITIONAL: second set Solex 40 ADDHE in good shape

ACCESSORIES: original alternator, good condition, starter 9 teeth, good condition

IGNITION: Mechanical U-contact distributor Magneti Marelli, incl. one set of red OKP ignition cables 2 years old, ignition coil

ACCESSORIES: Brand new OMEX Speed System, never built in: electronic speed limiter, programmable maximum speed, incl. shift light, programmable shift speed

EXHAUST: Stainless steel complete, stainless steel header 4-2-1 incl. complete system, no middle pot, end pot next to tank, rich sound,

Maybe I forgot something, too. The parts are all in a good, used condition. I never had any problems with anything. The engine etc. will be disassembled this week and can't be heard on a test drive, because the parts are already disassembled. But there are videos of the run.

I will send more detailes pictures on request if there is some serious interest. I answer all your questions. I would like to sell everything completely in a package. If there is no one to sell it, I will sell it one by one.

Item location is Southern Germany, Shipping on request.

4500 Euro excl. shipping.

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