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1600 cams

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I was wondering what a mild upgrade cam would be for a 1600 street car.

To make a long story... long I have a giulietta SS that some one has put a 1600 into. It looks like they got the 1600 from a TI and then took the veloce stuff from the original 1300 engine (sump, intake, carbs and including cams!) I have since found a 1300 with the right #s, etc and I will be taking the cams from the 1600 for the 1300 rebuild. So in the mean time I will need some cams for the 1600.

I do have a set of 2L euro cams (#105480320001) - are these a good street upgrade? Does 2L cam fit into 1600 heads? I also have 2L spica cams. Or is there a good cams out there to buy. I am looking for a good drivable cam. Even a 1600 veloce cam would be fine but since I do have the euro cams in hand I thought... maybe.

Any info would be helpful.

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I would go ahead and put in the 2L euro cams. Many consider them to be better street cams than 1600 Veloce cams.

Mike R
Thanks for the feedback! I will go with the euro cams.

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